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Animals from Farm Animal Frenzy have new homes

January 20, 2010 By: Flying Bob Category: Uncategorized

Five fiberglass animals that competed in the N.C. State Fair’s Farm Animal Frenzy have new homes. All five pieces were sold to North Carolina buyers in an auction that ended yesterday. The items add a total of $1,521.58 to state coffers.

“We had quite a bit of bidding for these pieces so it was fun to finally get to open the bids and see who bought them,” said State Surplus Property Officer Robert Riddle. “We hope everyone enjoys them … .”

Riddle said the three 6½-foot-tall chickens and a life-size cow and horse each averaged about 50 bids, ranging from mere chicken feed to $352.58, along with high foot traffic and a marked increase in calls.

Bill Ellis, director of the Kinston Parks and Recreation Department, knew a good deal when he saw one. He snagged a chicken and the horse for $300 each, but was outbid for the cow. “We’re going to have fun with them,” Ellis said. “We’re going to use them at our Neuseway Nature Park. We’ve got a miniature train and we’re going to put them along the track for young kids to enjoy.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Wayne County Livestock Development Association Inc. bought a chicken for $259. The other items were sold to citizens in Raleigh, including $310 for a rooster and $352.58 for the cow.

“I just found out and I’m still kind of stunned,” said an amused Julie Woolsey, who bought the rooster. “For the short term, he will go in the yard, but I have plans to fix him up with some friends as an art project.”

Hat tip to Jill Lucas at the N.C. Department of Administration

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North and South Carolina fairs convene in Raleigh

January 12, 2010 By: Blue Ribbon Category: N.C. State Fairgrounds

Past President Ray Frost, N.C. State Fair, and newly elected president Steve Mains, Hickory American Legion Fair, conduct the annual NCAOAF business meeting.

Past President Ray Frost, N.C. State Fair, and newly elected president Steve Mains, Hickory American Legion Fair, conduct the annual NCAOAF business meeting.

Fair managers and organizers from across North and South Carolina took over the Sheraton Imperial Hotel last week for the annual Association of Agricultural Fairs Convention. The convention, which highlighted economical ways to improve the fair experience, began Wednesday night with an auction and reverse raffle. Proceeds from this event supported the N.C. Association of Agricultural Fairs’ educational scholarships.

On Thursday, attendees heard from Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler and Sen. Bob Atwater.  In the trade show, attendees met with many family-friendly entertainers; managers often book new acts and finalize carnival contracts during this part of the convention.

Friday was packed with workshops, meetings, award ceremonies and a banquet where the new NCAOAF board president was sworn in. The 2009 president was the State Fair’s very own Ray Frost, assistant manager for operations. Ray has served the association well and will be passing the torch to Steve Mains from the Hickory American Legion Fair.

Winners were honored in several competitions sponsored by the N.C. Association of Agricultural Fairs:

Best Youth Involvement
Category 1 (Fairs with an attendance of less than 15,000) – Drexel Community Fair
Category 2 (Fairs with an attendance of 15,001 to 40,000) – Hickory American Legion Fair
Category 3 (Fairs with an attendance of more than 40,001) – Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair
Governmental Category (those fairs run by government entities) – Cabarrus County Fair

Best Agricultural Content
Category 1 – Stokes County Agricultural Fair
Category 2 – Lee Regional Agricultural Fair
Category 3 – Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair
Governmental Category – Dixie Classic Fair

Best Use of Media
Category 1 – Stanly County American Legion Agricultural Fair
Category 2 – Chowan County Regional Fair
Category 3 - Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair
Governmental Category – Cabarrus County Fair

Image Award, given to the best overall fair in each category (except the governmental category)
Category 1 – Stokes County Agricultural Fair
Category 2 – Lee Regional Agricultural Fair
Category 3 – Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair

The NCDA&CS and the N.C. State Fair also sponsor an awards competition for the best Got to Be NC Agriculture Display. All agricultural fairs, whether or not they are members of the NCAOAF, can enter this competition, and governmental fairs are not separated into a separate category, rather all fairs are organized by attendance only.

Best Got to Be NC Agriculture Display
Category 1 - Drexel Community Fair
Category 2 – Cape Fear Fair Association
Category 3 – Cabarrus County Fair

Five 2008 Farm Animal Frenzy animals are up for auction

January 06, 2010 By: Flying Bob Category: Uncategorized

If you’ve ever had a hankering to own one of the fiberglass animals that competed in the 2008 Farm Animal Frenzy contest at the N.C. State Fair, now’s your chance. The State Surplus Property Agency is accepting online bids for five animals (a cow, horse and three chickens) until Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 1 p.m. (You don’t have to bid on all five.) You can register to bid here.

The animals were decorated by high school art students as part of the Fair’s annual Farm Animal Frenzy art contest. They were on display at the 2008 State Fair, and though in need of a little sprucing up, they would make a great addition to a restaurant or rec room, says Robert Riddle, state surplus property officer.

The objects for auction are on display during business hours at the Surplus Property Warehouse, 6501 Chapel Hill Road (Hwy. 54 West) in Raleigh. To see pictures and view the bids online, visit, and then select 1/19/2010 for the “open date.” For more information about the auction, check out the Department of Administration’s news release.

To refresh your memory about the 2008 Farm Animal Frenzy, check out this previous Deep Fried post.

Note: Bid closing date has been corrected.

Top Deep Fried Blog posts of 2009

January 05, 2010 By: Cotton Candy Category: 2009 N.C. State Fair

2009 was a great year here in the deep-fried N.C. State Fair offices. We broke individual and overall attendance records, had a Twitter-ific tweetup, collected more cans on Food Lion Hunger Relief Day than ever before, crowned our first Deep Fried Ambassador and, of course, taste-tested some pretty interesting deep-fried food. As we cross into another year, we thought we’d take a look back at the top five Deep Fried Blog posts of 2009.

5. Deep-fried Ho Hos and chocolate-covered bacon

Note: If video doesn’t appear, try refreshing your browser.

4. State Fair Press Office: Concert lineup announced

Note: If video doesn’t appear, try refreshing your browser.

3. LEGO Experience Tour comes to the N.C. State Fair

Raleigh is turning into a LEGO-land of sorts. First, the only LEGO store in North Carolina opened a few months back in Crabtree Valley Mall. And now, The LEGO Experience Tour will set up shop on the fairgrounds Thursday, Oct. 15 through Sunday, Oct. 18. If you’re like me, you still enjoy playing with the small, interconnecting bricks known fondly as LEGOs. There is something about LEGO sets that bring out the inner-child in everyone.

LEGOs are no strangers to the Fair, considering we have a Youth LEGO competition each year. Last year, this amazing LEGO butterfly was one of our favorites. If you’re eligible to compete in the Youth category, you can see the rules for the LEGO competition here on page 314. If not, be sure to drop by and see all the entries in the Handicrafts and Hobbies building near the N.C. State Dairy bar.

2. Details behind the tweetup: Deep-fried food edition

  • Funnel cake fries from N & T Concessions. Just like the perennial Fair favorite, but with a portable twist. Who can resist a cross between powdered sugar goodness and the convenience of a french fry?
  • Chicken-fried bacon from Chef Thomas’ Chef’s D’Lites. Just like it sounds, these strips of bacon are covered in batter and deep-fried like chicken-fried steak.
  • Buffalo chicken rangoons from Raleigh’s own Woody’s City Market. These bite-sized, deep-fried dumplings (similar to the crab rangoons available in many Chinese restaurants) will be filled with some of Woody’s famous buffalo chicken.
  • Chocolate-covered bacon from The Murphy House. Bacon lovers will have to contain themselves, since we’ll have not one, but two twists on the ever-popular bacon. A mix  of savory, sweet and salty, chocolate-covered bacon got some rave reviews at our pre-Fair media lunch, but you’ll have to come decide for yourself. (Steph’s Strawberries will also have chocolate-covered bacon for sale on the fairgrounds near the Hobbies and Handicrafts Building.)

1. American Idol alum Anoop Desai rounds out Dorton Arena concert lineup

Since we announced the Dorton Arena line-up a couple weeks ago with one missing performer, our Facebook, blog and Twitter sites have been buzzing with suggestions on who should fill that spot. We heard a lot of good suggestions, but there was one particular artist campaign that stood out to us-mainly because the plea came from the artist himself. Our concerts this year have a decidedly local appeal, as N.C. natives Kellie Pickler, Eric Church and Jason Michael Carroll are all performing just a few hours (and in some cases, minutes) from where they grew up, and we’re happy to add American Idol alum and Cary native/UNC-Chapel Hill student Anoop Desai to that list.

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