Announcing the ‘What Would You Do?’ contest winners

October 16, 2012 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2012 N.C. State Fair

Last week, we asked for your suggestions on what to cover at the fair. We received a lot of great ideas from fans and followers on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. It was a difficult process, but we managed to narrow down the list to our top four. Here they are:

1. Brad O’Brien posted on Facebook: I’d like for you to lay out a “map” or step by step guide so that we can get the most “deep fried” experience possible. Last year was my first time at the fair & I feel like I could have gotten more out of it if I just knew where to go maybe you could integrate a social aspect for anyone that visits your top 10 spots if the upload pics & tag your page.

2. Lynn Viverette Collins posted on Facebook: I think it would be nice to know more about the young people that enter the animals, like the 4-H. Like how long have they worked with their animals etc. I’ve heard some stories of how some of them have raised them from birth and spent the night in the barns watching over them.

3. Jamie Geiger posted on Facebook: I’d like to see a behind the scenes feature on judging edible entries like canned and baked goods. Who are the judges? How are they selected? What are the criteria for submissions? What elements are the judges looking for? How would I submit my own creation? A side story could feature a entrant and his or her preparation for entering an item and culminate in the judging.

4. Erica Gladden posted on the blog: I would like to see more in-depth info on parking…. going rates on private lots, shortest walking distance, how to ride the bus (and how crowded it is), any places to park for free, handicapped parking, best kept parking secrets, quickest routes and least traffic around the fairgrounds, etc. The fair is awesome, but you have to get there first! A lot of times, parking and traffic can be a big hassle and it would be great to know some tips, in order to start your NC State Fair adventure on the right foot!

Congratulations to our winners. You’ll each receive a State Fair prize pack with a State Fair T-shirt, souvenir cup and other great prizes. Please send us an email at to claim your prize. And be sure to check back on the blog as we cover your topic areas.

Thanks again to everyone for submitting entries. Remember, you’ve still got five days to enjoy a Bumper Crop of Fun at the N.C. State Fair.

What would you do?

October 09, 2012 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2012 N.C. State Fair

What would you cover if you worked in the State Fair Press Office?

With nearly 50 years of combined experience working in the State Fair Press Office, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve had fun covering the latest deep-fried treats, the newest rides and great exhibits at the fair. But, we’re always on the lookout for other ideas on what to cover. That’s where you come in.

What would you cover if you worked in the press office? Which exhibit would you like to go behind the scenes to see or experience? What ride would you try? We want to hear from you. Submit your ideas by leaving a comment below, posting on Facebook or sending us a tweet on Twitter.

On Thursday, Oct. 11, we’ll pick a few suggestions and cover them on the blog during the fair. The winning entries will receive a State Fair prize pack with a fair T-shirt, souvenir cup and some other great prizes. Send us your suggestions by 9 a.m. on Thursday.




Do you want to be our State Fair Street Team?

September 19, 2012 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2012 N.C. State Fair

For the past three years, we’ve selected one fair fanatic to serve as our Deep Fried Ambassador during the State Fair. These bloggers were amazing, and we thank them for adding a new perspective to the fair. This year, we’re opening up a few more spots.

We realize not all of our fans are bloggers. Some are really active on Twitter and Facebook. Others create their own food reviews on YouTube. And others are using new sites, such as Pinterest to share their interests with friends.

This year, we’re doing away with the Deep Fried Ambassador and introducing the State Fair Street Team. We’re looking for a trio of friends, family or co-workers to tackle the challenge of covering the fair. Read on for more details.

Here’s how it works:

  • Assemble your team of three. Teams can consist of family, friends, co-workers or even strangers, as long as they love the fair.
  • Come up with an awesome team name.
  • Once you have your team assembled and named, send us your team creed outlining:
    • Why you love the N.C. State Fair.
    • What you would cover if your team was selected.
    • How you would cover the fair (blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)
    • Email your team creed to by Monday, Oct. 1, at 5 p.m.
    • We’ll pick a winner Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Winners will receive:

  • A Bumper Crop of Fun prize pack with T-shirts, posters and any other State Fair swag we can find in our office.
  • Each team member will receive a media badge and parking pass, giving them behind-the-scenes access to the N.C. State Fair.
  • Teams also will be invited to be honorary members of the Deep Fried Crew at the official Media Lunch at the N.C. State Fair, Monday, Oct. 8.

So, what are you waiting for? Assemble your team today!

50 days away

August 22, 2012 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2012 N.C. State Fair

The 2012 N.C. State Fair starts in 50 days. Are you excited yet?

In case you’ve been competing in the Olympics, cheating on your co-star or watching continuous coverage of sharks, and haven’t heard we’re just 50 days away from the 2012 N.C. State Fair. We’re so close you can almost smell the cotton candy and turkey legs.

A few years back, we compiled a list of the top 100 experiences at the N.C. State Fair. The list included all our favorites and not-to-be-missed attractions. This year, we turned to our awesome fans on Facebook to see what they love about the fair. Here’s what they came up with. Do you see your favorite part of the fair?

50 Reasons Why the N.C. State Fair is a Bumper Crop of Fun (in no particular order)

  1. Roasted Corn – Tina Bennett
  2. Honey Sticks – Kelly Allen Young
  3. Dancing – Kennedy Olivia Fowle
  4. Wisconsin Cheese – Patti Herold Mitchell
  5. “Walking around in the fresh air eating chocolate covered marshmallows.” – Joy A. Goode
  6. Tractor Pull – Stephanie Kenner Hairr
  7. Horse Show – JayKim Foushee
  8. People Watching – Yvette Deanne
  9. Maple Cotton Candy – Whitney Corn
  10. “All the free stuff you receive from all the booths” – Kayla Snell
  11. Pig Races – Lynne Poindexter
  12. Fireworks – Mary Jane Wiethe
  13. Chocolate Covered Peanuts – Lori Crabtree
  14. N.C. Honey – Mary Krabacher
  15. “The food. The noise. The smells. The animals. What’s not to like?” – Pamela King Waggoner
  16. Fudge – Buddy Warden
  17. Carnival Games – Malcolm McGregor
  18. Frozen Cheesecake on a Stick – Jimmy Dean
  19. Tobacco Tying Contest – Amy Hinson
  20. “Definitely eating food by the firepit while listening to bluegrass music” – Chase Parrish
  21. The Smell -Rachel French
  22. The Last Day – James Maguire
  23. The Atmosphere – Rod Jones
  24. Cake Competition – Jen Frazier
  25. “I would say the rides, the water gun games and the time I get to spend with Clive A Bernard!!!” – Abby L Jensen
  26. Livestock Shows – Donna Rose Lamm
  27. Baby Chicks – Rebecca DiSandro
  28. Apple Cider – Jen Frazier
  29. Village of Yesteryear – Nancy Armisto
  30. Cows – Robert Ligon
  31. Flower and Garden Show – Amber Smith Wallace
  32. Rajun Cajun Food – Chris Wrenn
  33. Mini donuts – Amy Reynolds
  34. Barefoot Footlong Hot Dog – Ellen Hale Pace
  35. “The food. The animals. I just love the fair!” – Chris Hester
  36. Al’s Fries – Daniel Clowers
  37. N.C. State Ice Cream Booth – Cindy Block
  38. Riding the Tram – Terri Carroll
  39. Landscape Competition – Kermit Hines
  40. Maple Cotton Candy – Amy Chapin
  41. “Fireworks, decorated cakes, honey cotton candy and being with my boyfriend enjoying our oh so southern roots together!” – Marcia Sawyer Danchise
  42. Ham Biscuits at the Cary Methodist Booth – Vicki Joyner Thompson
  43. Corn on the Cob – Debbie Webb
  44. Going with my kids – Mary Frazier
  45. Free Hushpuppies – Alyson Scoltock
  46. Chicken tent – David Bissette
  47. Everything – Mudhafar Alfatlawi
  48. Scotty McCreery Concert – Rebecca DiSandro
  49. Lights at Night – Jen Frazier
  50. Elephant Ears – Yvette Deanne

What’s missing? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Start planning your trip to the 2012 N.C. State Fair. Advance tickets are on sale now at Take advantage of the Early Bird Special and earn up to three free gate admission tickets. And, don’t forget to stay connected with the fair on Facebook and Twitter.

Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup: Bring your game face

September 28, 2011 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2011 N.C. State Fair

Hopefully, you’ve been making your fair plans for months. If not, start planning now because this is your official invitation to the Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup at the N.C. State Fair Thursday, Oct. 13.

The Deep Fried Tweetup, a collaboration with our good friends at Triangle Tweetup, is a chance for all of our social media friends to come together for an exclusive event just for our favorite followers. We’ll have samples of the latest deep-fried creation, a chance to interact with some of our amazing fair performers and exhibitors, and of course a sweet scavenger hunt of the fairgrounds.

Speaking of the scavenger hunt, this year we’ve partnered with SCVNGR to bring you a one-of-a-kind trek around the fair. And guess what, it’s a team event. You’ll get to explore the fairgrounds with your team and earn points for challenges along the way. The team with the most points will be crowned Deep Fried Champions, earn some special prizes as well as some well-deserved bragging rights.

So, start recruiting your team today. A team can consist of 3-5 people. They can be co-workers, family, friends or even tweeps you’ve never met IRL. Because really, is there a better way to get to know someone than enjoying a night at the State Fair?

If you’re not big on commitments, no worries. You can form a team at the Tweetup. Of course, if you wait until then, you might miss out on the social media smack talk.

Either way, be sure to mark your social calendars for Thursday, Oct. 13, and pick up your ticket today. Tickets are just $5, and includes admission to the fair and the Tweetup. Just follow this link to pick up your discounted admission ticket through eTix. Be sure to check back here for more details as we get closer to the event.

Let the smack talk begin! Follow the Deep Fried Smack Talk at #DFSmackTalk.

2 months away: Time to focus

August 12, 2011 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2011 N.C. State Fair

Last week, I heard a great description of my job from a friend of mine. She was trying to explain to some out-of-state friends that in North Carolina, people stay excited about the State Fair all year long. According to her, our job is not about getting people excited about the fair; they already are. Instead, our job is about helping people focus on what they want to do this year at the fair. I really like that description.

So, with just two months left between now and the start of the 2011 N.C. State Fair, it’s time to focus. Here are some things to think about when planning your trip to the fair:

  • Are you entering a premium book competition this year? If so, it’s time to check out the premium book and make some decisions. Online registration is now available, and the deadline for some entries starts Sept. 10.
  • Have you secured your seats for a Dorton Arena concert? If not, you better hurry. Tickets are available online, and many of the floor seats are already full.
  • Do you want to save money? The best way to save is to buy tickets early. An early bird special is available, and you can earn up to free 3 tickets if you buy by Sept. 28.
  • Trying to figure out an environmentally friendly way to get to the fair? Check out the bus and train information to plan your trip.
  • Planning a field trip for your school or youth group? Don’t forget to check out our Educational Resources page for FAQs and scavenger hunt information.
  • Are you social? Like our fan page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the blog to keep up with all the latest news about the fair.

Let us know if you need any other information to plan your trip to the N.C. State Fair. We want you to be able to focus on the fun, not worry about the details, when you’re in Raleigh this October. The N.C. State Fair runs Oct. 13-23 at the N.C. State Fairgrounds. More information is available at

Fireworks fans

August 09, 2010 By: Flying Bob Category: 2010 N.C. State Fair

A few weeks back, we announced we would periodically feature on this blog some of our favorite photos that fans have posted to our Facebook page. Here’s our latest winner.

Photo of grandfather and grandson watching fireworks

Photo by Jewel Wyrick

This photo caught our eye because it offers a different perspective on the nightly fireworks show. We’re used to seeing photos of fireworks (and there have been some really, really good ones). This one, submitted by Jewel Wyrick, shows a grandfather and his grandson enjoying the show on a cool fall night. It also reinforces the fact that the State Fair is a tradition for generations of families.

For being selected as a deep-fried photographer, Jewel will receive one of our famous N.C. State Fair swag packs. Congrats, Jewel!

If you would like to be part of the promotion, share your photos with us on Facebook.

Up in the sky

July 21, 2010 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2010 N.C. State Fair

We know some of the best photographs from the Fair come from you. That’s why we recently announced a new photography feature for all our social media friends on Facebook.  To participate, just upload your past N.C. State Fair photos to our fan page. We’ll pick a few of our favorites leading up to the Fair such as this one from Chari Cutshall.

Photo by Chari Cutshall

The Vertigo attracted a lot of attention at last year’s Fair from ride enthusiasts looking for the latest thrill and photographers looking for a great shot. It was one of the most-photographed rides, next to the Ferris wheel, at the Fair. We chose Chari’s photo because it captures the size of the towering swing and the whimsical quality of an overcast October day at the Fair.

For being selected as a deep-fried photographer, Chari will receive some sweet N.C. State Fair swag. If you would like to be part of the promotion, share your photos with us on Facebook.

10,000 fans of summer

July 01, 2010 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2010 N.C. State Fair

In 2008, we created a Facebook profile for the N.C. State Fair. We were humming along until we tried to accept our 5,001st friend request during the 2009 Fair. Facebook places a cap on the number of friends a profile is allowed to have – 5,000. Bummer. So, we created a Facebook fan page to connect with all of our N.C. State Fair fans.

Maintaining two profiles for the same event has been difficult and confusing. This summer, we began transitioning profile friends over to our Facebook fan page. You can now like the N.C. State Fair and stay informed on the latest deep-fried news, entertainment and promotions you have come to expect from the profile page. Starting today, the profile page will focus on the numerous year-round activities that happen at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds, such as this weekend’s Fourth of July celebration.

About the promotion:
We’ve been working to transition everyone, but we need your help. If you haven’t already done so, like the N.C. State Fair. Suggest the page to your friends and encourage them to like us, too.

Our goal is to connect with 10,000 fans by July 15 at 5 p.m. If we reach that goal, all the fans who liked us will be eligible to receive an adult admission ticket at the discounted group rate of $5.*

Thanks for being great friends, followers and fans. If you haven’t already done so, you can like the N.C. State Fair below.

*Some restrictions apply. See website for more details.

Picking pics for prize packs

June 23, 2010 By: Bearded Lady Category: 2010 N.C. State Fair

Photo by Gregory Johnson

Photo by Gregory Johnson

Each year, the Deep Fried crew takes thousands of photographs during the Fair. While our collection is large, some of the best photographs come from fairgoers just like you. You do a great job of capturing the excitement of the Midway, the serenity of the Flower Show, the tasty satisfaction of deep-fried food and the joy on fairgoers’ faces.

Show us what you think is great by uploading your State Fair pics from previous years to the N.C. State Fair fan page. Throughout the summer, we’ll select some of our favorites to share on the Deep Fried blog, and if we pick your pics, we’ll send you a swanky State Fair prize pack.

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