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DIY cankerworm management: It’s that time of the year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to protect your yard trees from cankerworms, that is!  A small act now can save you (and your trees) in the spring. You may remember cankerworms as those annoying little inchworms that dangle from trees by silken strands and cause significant defoliation each spring, especially in urban […]


A fall feast for the orangestriped oakworm

Cooler temperatures are upon us and soon we will be donning the colors of fall.  The orangestriped oakworm, which is a black or brown caterpillar with orange or yellow stripes, is perfectly outfitted for its late summer and early fall debut. The orangestriped oakworm is a native moth caterpillar that feeds on the foliage of […]


Late-night snacking of the black-dotted brown moth

In the spring and early summer of 2012, an event was taking place throughout the Piedmont. The bark of oak trees was being stripped off, and no one knew why. There are some tree diseases that can cause the bark of trees to slough off, but this appeared different. After much speculation, observers began to […]