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Specialty foods showcased at Southern Christmas Show

If you attend the final weekend of the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, be on the lookout for @ The Market N.C. Specialty Foods exhibit. The store features more than 200 items produced locally by 34 food businesses from across the state. You’ll find a variety of products for your upcoming holiday festivities, including cooking […]


2013 Flavors of Carolina moves Cottage Lane to “Main Street”

Some people uncork a fine bottle of wine to celebrate a special occasion. Samantha Swan prefers to crack open a 20-year-old jar of her grandfather’s pepper relish. The coveted relish was made using cayenne peppers grown in the front yard of her family’s home on Cottage Lane in Chapel Hill. Since 2011, Cottage Lane Kitchen […]


NC specialty foods draw crowds at Southern Christmas Show

In a state where agriculture is the top industry, it seems appropriate that the “buy local” movement should apply to food products as well as other merchandise. It’s no surprise, then, that the N.C. Specialty Foods Association exhibit at the 2011 Southern Christmas Show did so well in its sophomore year. Twenty-five local food companies […]